Sönke Schal: Tour Planning for Newcomers / EN

Center of Dance Berlin

In this workshop, your questions about bookings and performing live will be answered in the best possible way. How do I organise my own tour? Am I ready for a booking agency? What do festival organisers look for? Sönke Schal will give you solid feedback, clear facts and secret tips. For almost a decade, Sönke ... Read more

Sky Deep: The Business of Creative Control & Artistic Integrity / EN

Soda (Galerie)

As an independent multi-disciplinary artist, freelancer and entrepreneuer trying to carve out a spot in the grand spectrum of entertainment, Sky Deep has been designing and redesigning herself, her projects and campaigns. This workshop focusses on methods and concepts on how to make a living in entertainment without compromising your integrity and creative control as ... Read more

Lu Ghebremariam: How events are created… / EN

Soda (Restaurant)

In this workshop Lewamm »Lu« Ghebremariam shares her experiences curating, hosting and producing different event formats. Participants will be invited to challenge their creativity in coming up with different  event concepts, thinking of possible challenges and flexible solutions for an event through a variety of engaging workshop exercises. The aim is to equip participants with ... Read more

Tara Afsah: Kunst zur Musik: Wie Du tolle Musikvideos machst – Part I / DE

Enter Studio Berlin

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an Musiker*innen, Künstler*innen Filmemacher*innen und Personen, die sich für das Medium Musikvideo interessieren. Wir schauen uns anhand von Beispielen an, welche Rolle Musikvideos bereits für Künstler*innenidentitäten gespielt haben und welche verschiedene Formen und Strategien es gibt. Die Teilnehmer*innen sind eingeladen, den Workshop zu nutzen, um ihre Ideen weiterzuentwickeln und Fragen rund ... Read more

walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce – Part I / EN

Soda (Moon) Berlin

In times when music is largely produced with the help of pattern-based and perfectly-timed DAWs, when it is increasingly programmed with the mouse instead of being recorded traditionally, the subsequent creation of swing, groove and bounce plays an increasingly important role – especially when you don't have the resources to record a real drum set. ... Read more

walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce – Part I & II / EN

Soda (Moon) Berlin

Please note: this workshop consists of two sessions, both of which need to be attended. At the bottom of the page you'll find the two registrations forms. walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce - Part I August 24 @ 14:30 - 16:30 CEST walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce - Part ... Read more