Mensa Ansah: From Brooklyn to Bukom: how jazz, r’n’b and hip hop music inspired the making of a young kid in Accra to contribute to the birth of Afrobeats music / EN

Palais (Atelier) Berlin

I grew up in the 90’s obsessed with hip hop from the US, I loved rhyming but the art of sampling - chopping and rebirthing soul, jazz and rock n roll consumed me. I had no access to expensive equipment to learn how to sample, to produce beats or even to record ideas I was ... Read more

Vitsche Culture: Art in times of war – about the common task of protecting cultural heritage and supporting artists / EN

Haus für Poesie Berlin

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine began on the 24th February, 2022. Since then, almost seven million people have fled Ukraine, including many artists. With each and every one of them, a piece of cultural diversity is disappearing. The war not only puts people in danger and deprives them of their homes but also ... Read more