walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce – Part I & II / EN

Soda (Moon) Berlin

Please note: this workshop consists of two sessions, both of which need to be attended. At the bottom of the page you'll find the two registrations forms. walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce - Part I August 24 @ 14:30 - 16:30 CEST walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce - Part ... Read more

Christin Nichols: Voice, Presence and Body – How to Express Yourself without Words / EN

Soda (Club) Berlin

The musician Christin Nichols, a graduate of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts, is offering a workshop in the field of theatre. But not only that. It's about YOU – about you in space, strengthening your self-awareness, interacting with others and expressing things with your body non-verbally. The workshop will be playful and collaborative. ... Read more

Stefan Ernst: Warum es beim Aufnehmen darum geht, Entscheidungen zu treffen / DE

Soda (Restaurant)

Die annähernd unendlichen Möglichkeiten heutiger Aufnahmetechniken und DAWs suggerieren, dass wir uns im Produktionsprozess kaum festlegen müssen oder Entscheidungen bis zum Schluss aufschieben können. Die Flut an virtuellen Instrumenten und Plugins führt schnell dazu, die wesentlichen Dinge aus dem Blick zu verlieren. Doch wie erzeugt man eine Produktion mit eigenständigem Sound, und wann weiß man ... Read more

Hannah Catherine Jones: Embodied Listening Sessions / EN

Soda (Galerie)

The note of A tuned to 440hz is perhaps the most recognisable and resonated frequency in the world. This is the international standard that an orchestra tunes to before starting to play. It's how our tuners are calibrated, how our keyboards and synthesisers are set up, how our computers are programmed and our ears attuned. ... Read more

Amy Zayed: Music and journalism – how to make this love-hate relationship a creative way to help each other and music / EN


How can we as journalists escape the spiral of boredom, pseudo-glory and who-knows-who craziness in the business by understanding it and playing with it, while still doing our job justice? How can we convince our bored editors or record promoters who want to give the one exclusive interview to their best mate from Rolling Stone? ... Read more

Tara Afsah: Kunst zur Musik: Wie Du tolle Musikvideos machst – Part II / DE

Enter Studio Berlin

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an Musiker*innen, Künstler*innen Filmemacher*innen und Personen, die sich für das Medium Musikvideo interessieren. Wir schauen uns anhand von Beispielen an, welche Rolle Musikvideos bereits für Künstler*innenidentitäten gespielt haben und welche verschiedene Formen und Strategien es gibt. Die Teilnehmer*innen sind eingeladen, den Workshop zu nutzen, um ihre Ideen weiterzuentwickeln und Fragen rund ... Read more

walter p99 arke$tra: How to create Drum Bounce – Part II / EN

Soda (Moon) Berlin

In times when music is largely produced with the help of pattern-based and perfectly-timed DAWs, when it is increasingly programmed with the mouse instead of being recorded traditionally, the subsequent creation of swing, groove and bounce plays an increasingly important role – especially when you don't have the resources to record a real drum set. ... Read more