Goethe Talents 2019

Amr Ismael

Amr Ismael

Amr Ismael, born in Mansoura, Egypt dreamed of being a musician since he was 5 years old but couldn’t due to many ‘life’ difficulties. One day he made the decision to get his first bass guitar and to teach himself how to make it work. This is how he has learned different instruments later on – he decided to learn the ‘language’ of music his way, same as everything in life.

His career officially started by accident in 2012, a few months before graduating from college. Just a moment later, he found himself in a studio recording his first bass line. Since then, he has been active in many projects with both local and foreign musicians, has formed his first own band in 2015 (Do’souqa), and has created his own home studio in Cairo to produce his debut album. Without the company of two beautiful cats and a dog for sure it couldn’t have been done!



In the midst of honouring imperfection, Jeslla speaks as a manifestation of a deeper and darker side of women. Formed since 2016, Gabriella Puteri Miranda & Jesslyn Juniata found silver linings in their tales of love, adventure, broken- heart and failure. With a mixture of ambient, electronic sounds, with melodies wrapped in synthesisers and polyrhythmic beats, Jeslla grew exponentially to present their side of the story.

As an effort to keep expanding and widen their music, Jeslla is on the process of releasing their first EP. A harmonious ensemble of dramatic endeavour in embracing a continuation of their inner electra complex. The single Coldwave, released in March 2018, was inspired by the law of karma. It speaks of deeply personal fare, your ever intentions that attract others.



“Constantly searching for the intersection between being Hip-Hop and African

KiliHippie is a Hip-hop music producer hailing from Nairobi, Kenya. If J, Dilla and 9th Wonder had a child, and that child moved with the times aiming to add to the culture as much as they have, then he’d be that child. Immerse yourself in his unique sound that pays homage to the golden age of Hip-hop.



Marcioz’s (pronounced “mar-see-ohz”) journey as an artist and producer is best-defined as one of self-discovery.

Hailing from Curitiba Brazil, Marcioz has been playing a variety of exotic and native instruments since a young age – something that has helped him create a truly unique sonic palette and identity.

His 2018 four-track EP, How to Make Love $tay, is like a portrait drawn in pieces, with each piece representing a different aspect of Marcioz as a person. His upcoming project, Mulato Tragidy is politically-driven by Marcioz’ sociology learnings and is a direct and honest reflection of the socio-economic divide in Brazil, as well as his struggle with his own racial identity.

Mpho Sebina

Mpho Sebina

Mpho Sebina is a singer songwriter born in 1989 in the small village of Mochudi in Botswana. Growing up in a family of music lovers she grew up to the sounds of Sade, UB40, Boom Shaka, Brenda Fassie and Mariah Carey, to name a few, all of whom influenced her musical journey, in writing and singing.

Before pursuing music, Mpho Sebina studied and graduated in International Business from the Multimedia University of Malaysia. It was during those years that she started exploring the realms of writing, recording and vocal training. It was in Malaysia where her debut single “Loves Light” was written.

Her 6 track EP titled NEO boasts a fusion of soul, rnb, African rhythms and nostalgic throwbacks. The first single “Black Butterfly” is a song about freedom and self-discovery, whereas the second single is a melancholic soulful melody titled “No Evil”.

Natasha Noorani

Natasha Noorani

Natasha Noorani is a singer-songwriter, festival director and music promoter from Lahore, Pakistan. As a musician, her music lies somewhere between the realms of contemporary r&b, neo-soul and progressive rock which can be heard in her debut EP ‘Munaasib’ (2018). Noorani has also collaborated with various Pakistani acts.

Noorani has been deeply involved in the Pakistani music industry. She is the Co- Founder and Festival Director of Lahore Music Meet (LMM). The festival is an annual symposium with the aim to showcase and nurture the Pakistani music industry through performances, masterclasses, panel discussions and story-telling sessions.

Most recently, Noorani served as General Manager for Coke Studio Pakistan and has managed South-Asian pop duo, Strings. Noorani is also immersed in research and journalism focused on various strands of Pakistani music.


Noni Mouse

Radhapriya aka Noni-Mouse is a left-of- centre, alternative electronica/downtempo artist, based in Mumbai. Always pushing the envelope with her craft, her music combines elements of thick soundscapes, eerie percussion lines, and R&B vocals, often creating ambient-pop anthems that stick to people like glue. Her latest EP •noni-pop, was her take on contemporary pop music, with hooky motifs made of detailed, unexpected arrangements.

Her debut video for her track “Closer To You” was released on Vice India in Feb 2019. Her track “Deadpan in Van” was featured on the all-women Jwala compilation titled Now, in May 2018. Her track “BFF” was a part of Azadi Records x She Said So‘s Women Day Compilation.

Radhapriya studied Music Production at Nimbus School Of Recording & Media in Vancouver, Canada.

Rompiste Mis Flores

Rompiste Mis Flores

Rompiste Mis Flores was born in Heredia Costa Rica during the summer of 2015. Her first concert took place within the Quaternary Club, a BDSM house in Costa Rica. Later she participated in collective concerts in cultural centres of her country such as Amón Solar and El Farolito.

Her sound travels through several dimensions. It’s the sweet and the acid, it’s soft and aggressive. It resembles a bonfire in the midst of a relentless storm or desolation in the middle of the hottest summer.

It moves among the leaves of the rainforest, through the mud between the fingers, past the black eyes that stalk whom loses the way, through the mystery of the Santeria.

Teenage Granny

Teenage Granny

Alyana Cabral (born January 10, 1995) is a musician and film score composer from Manila, Philippines. She mainly performs as a singer and multi-instrumentalist.

Teenage Granny is her alias and arts n’ crafts project, warping and weaving pop and poetry, electronic with analog, Internet with real life with cinema, nature and machine, the earthly and the mystical, and the introspection of knitting with yarn.

#experimentalpop #eclectic #glitch #databending #musiqueconcrete #ritual



Born in Medellín, Colombia, Verraco descended from the mountains with three releases of electro, ambient, braindance and techno that quickly placed him as one of the riskiest and promising rising talents of the region.

Verraco is the head of Insurgentes, a label that has become a key platform for Latinos finest sonic hustlers. The label operates with one goal in mind: reduce gaps between the Latin electronic music scene and the rest of the world, building bridges and making more visible the talent of the region.

With Insurgentes, Verraco has found its way to surface and organically resonate through some of the most renowned critics in electronic music. In just two years of presence in the circuit, he already commands the booths Tresor Berlin, Le Sucre Lyon, Sònar Bogotá, MUTEK.ES, Dekmantel Bogotá or Nuit Sonores Colombia.