Goethe Talents 2023


Gt23 Amalia

amalia is a music producer and D.I.Y. artist from Tashkent, Uzbekistan who writes music and performs at local venues and events. Her first synth-pop EP album “Room Toor” with english lyrics explores nostalgic worries about growing up, escapism, crushes, obsessions, and naive feelings. On her second EP she explores an understanding of the Tatar world but also through the heritage and her family history. Her recent project, the visual album “Orasta Qizlar,” goes beyond personal introspection and is a wider attempt to discover who she is through collecting memories from women in her family, her country, and her friends who worked with her on this project. The album was hugely influenced by the music of women Uzbek choirs that sing traditional songs passed down through generations. The influence of these choirs can be heard in the sawyer melodies, layered vocals, and doira rhymes present throughout the album.

Her music explores various themes, and the language she uses varies between Uzbek, English, and Russian, reflecting the different parts of her identity. By exploring the different aspects of her identity through music, she hopes to create a coherent sense of self.

Since 2021, she has been performing live and participating in various local events. She created a “National Sampler Lab” event on the Novruz holiday, where she showed a masterclass on how to sample old Uzbek tracks. She performed at the Central Asian cyber festival of feminist activists, “FemAgora,” as well as at big local festivals like “Groza,” “Stihia,” and “YangiaMarket.” She also composed ambient tracks for TBC Bank as part of their mission for the cultural development of Uzbekistan. Recently, she collaborated with the artificial intelligence Velocity0 at the National Pavilion of Uzbekistan and participated in the Kazakhstan music residency “Batyr Lab 2022.

Checkmate Mido

Gt23 Checkmate Mido

Nominated for a Sondeka East Africa Award in 2023, Checkmate Mido is a household name in the Kenyan underground music scene. Through his blend of rap, poetry, beatboxing, and music, he skillfully tells stories in English, Swahili, and Sheng. He has shared the stage with HipHop artist Akua Naru and Grammy Award winners The Soil.

His debut album FRQNCY was released in 2020 to wide critical acclaim. He is currently working on new music as well as various collaborative projects including Beatbox Africa a beatboxing platform that seeks to celebrate, highlight and showcase beatboxers from Kenya and the continent.


Gt23 Fishdoll

Fishdoll is an artist from Beijing, who has been an earnest creator since she began releasing music. She holds several identities, including versatile vocalist, producer, song writer, educator, translator, etc. In terms of her concept of creation, She always insists on breaking the framework and persists in innovation. After graduating from the Jazz Department of The New School in New York in 2017, she returned to Beijing and quickly established close ties with outstanding labels and local musicians. In early 2018, her debut album “Noonsense” was released on the New York label Paxico Records, and the album was selected as “the best new electronic album” by Bandcamp.

After the release of her first album, Fishdoll’s creative inspiration has gradually shifted from the emotional capture full of hormones to the spiritual exploration of a connection with the universe. After a spiritual conversation with a tree, she began to comprehend the spirituality of plants and to pay closer attention to nature. At the end of 2021, she completed the second chapter of her musical journey, an album with increased introspection — “Moonsense”. Continuing the idea of embracing self and cherishing nature in the album, she began to move towards the next goal — hoping to promote the concept of sustainability. The concept calls for everyone to use biodegradable, plant-based and organic daily necessities, and reject plastic products. As an artist, she believes that social responsibility is the root of her works. Music does not reveal the full identity of “Fishdoll”. She believes that musicians’ sense of community is very important and has always believed that all things advocating and encouraging beauty are worth taking seriously.

Forever Young Joy (FYJ)

Gt23 Forever Young Joy (fyj)

Joyness Damian Lyimo, professionally known as FYJ, is a Tanzanian hip-hop musician and songwriter hailing from the Mwanza Region. From a young age, FYJ discovered his passion for music and has since developed his own unique style. Inspired by his creative mind and artists who motivate him, FYJ has garnered attention with his hit single “NAFANYA YANGU.” With a focus on authenticity and independence, FYJ continues to captivate audiences with his compelling music.

“Experience the dynamic fusion of Hip-Hop and R&B with FYJ, the rising star from Tanzania. Embrace their captivating melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and magnetic stage presence. Get ready to be moved by FYJ’s unparalleled artistry”

Jordan Moozy

Gt23 Jordan Moozy

Jordan Moozy is the embodiment of a Gen Z Afropilitan. The multi-dimensional singer, songwriter and producer was born in Botswana to Zimbabwean parents. His upbringing and travels have taken him across Southern Africa, and these influences have shaped his musical sound and worldview. His music is a layered, multilingual blend of R&B, Pop, Alte, Highlife and Hip Hop that “is seeping with influences that span across borders and decades. Jordan Moozy’s eclectic sound is reflected in his sense of style and creative direction. Jordan represents a new sound and generation finding novel and creative ways to explore self-expression that is impossible” to ignore.

Jordan has already secured awards for Best RnB and Best Collaboration at the Yarona FM Awards (2021). He was also nominated for Best Newcomer and Best R&B at the same awards.

In 2022 Jordan released his debut EP titled De’Grace which was a critically acclaimed release that had songs like Ginja and Air which displayed his artistic prowess and gained him a legion of fans.
Jordan Moozy is also a talented and skilled live performer able to play a number of instruments to deliver both acoustic and full-band performances.

Nat Spiner

Gt23 Nat Spiner

Nat Spiner is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who, throughout her career, has been involved in diverse musical projects ranging from post-rock to traditional Balinese music, indie, and experimental electronic music, always influenced by South American and Rioplatense songwriting.

Currently, she is performing in her solo format creating a mix of songs from her latest release “AXIS” involving samples collected during her travels and from old vinyl records. She presents herself accompanied by her electric guitar and a range of effect pedals that open up a spectrum of textures, inviting us to immerse ourselves in a dreamy and impressionistic universe.


Gt23 Q

Q is a Jazz/Soul/RnB singer/songwriter based in Sri Lanka. After honing her skills at the National Youth Jazz Orchestra in the UK and singing at the Barbican Theatre, Q returned home to Sri Lanka and began collaborating with notable musicians like Bo Sedkid and Imaad Majeed on tracks such as ‘Quota [Remix]’ and ‘Control’. Taking her cues from musicians like Jessie Ware, SZA, and Princess Nokia she started experimenting with alt-R&B and rap as a vehicle for her raw, impassioned lyrics. In April 2021 she released her debut EP, ‘Hysteria’. Blending alt-R&B with lyrics on female sexuality and independence, Rolling Stone India described it as “everything you want to hear in music of empowerment”. In addition to this she has modeled for fashion brands and has appeared in magazines like L’Officiel Italia and Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka. An actress too, she was most recently featured in Deepa Mehta’s adaptation of ‘Funny Boy’.

Paing Lynn Aung

Gt23 Paing Lynn Aung

Paing Lynn Aung is mainly known as the frontman for the indie rock outfit “the REASONABILISTS” based in Yangon, Myanmar. “the REASONABILISTS” have toured India and Thailand in 2018 and 2022 respectively, performing at big festivals including Orange Festival of Adventure and Music 2018, Dambuk, Arunachal Pradesh and LABBfest. 2022 in Chaing Mai, Thailand. “the REASONABILISTS” are also regulars at Voice of Youth Festival (2018, 2019) by Turning Tables Myanmar, which is one of the biggest festivals for youths in Myanmar music scene.

Paing Lynn Aung also played guitars for local retro rock band “The Peacists” (2017-2018) and went on to join “Side Effect” (2018-2022), one of the most internationally recognized post-punk band from Myanmar.